Transformational leadership has always been called for to build workspaces that are motivating, efficient and charismatic. It is not necessarily a new concept, but most managers often do not end up being leaders. Teams that are led by bosses rather than leaders often experience lower productivity and a high burnout. In remote work, the needed for being a transformational leaders is even higher.

Here are 5 ways in which one can be a transformational leader in remote world:

Be empathetic

COVID19 pushed us all into a crisis work from home scenario, and while this was an action taken due to necessity, many of us adapted to this situation well.

It has now been around a year that we are in our homes, and many of us are restless to go back to our jobs, which we sadly still can’t. This restlessness has inevitably affected our performance and productivity levels while working from home.

In this blog, I will give you ten practical steps that you can take to get your productivity back to the peak.

1. Actively Track Your Progress

People often don’t achieve their…

“The Remote Revolution” or more precisely the increasing trend of working outside of the office environment, preferably at home or in the outskirts, has completely changed the work industry. It has become mainstream for employees to work remotely. There has been observed a constant rise in the number of employees who work from outside of office. It has been estimated that the amount of remote workers has boosted to a whopping figure of 115% since 2000. In America alone, more than 8 million people (i.e., approximately 5% of USA’s population) have been reported to work from home.

This surge in…

Employees and Workplace Isolation

In a world like ours where everything is constantly on the brink of evolution, workplaces are no different. From office ethics to diverse and inclusive employee teams, work places have witnessed a remarkable change. In amidst of all that even the most prestigious and renowned companies can’t claim that their workplaces are a complete source of positive social relationships and provide utmost support and assistance to any employee who is struggling to settle into his/ her professional roles. Due to people’s introverted nature, lack of confidence, personal insecurities’, or being a victim of unconscious biases, many…

So you have worked hard for years and put in a ton of effort to finally land your dream job. Everything seems perfect now. You love your job and the colleagues are great. The office environment is also highly growth conducive. But suddenly came the dreaded nightmare.

Your boss is an absolute bully. He or She is always on the verge of breaking down and blames you for every single mistake. He silences your opinions and no matter what you do you just cannot please him in any way. Your job has practically become an unbearable hell.

Now, if you…

With the advent of advanced medical facilities and effective healthcare benefits, the population of the mature citizens is constantly on the rise. And a large number of the old age population forms an important part of the modern day workforce. But the improved quality of living and increased life expectancy has inadvertently created some alarming issues for the new age employers.

Employees are a company’s biggest assets and form the basic structure on which the foundations of an organization are firmly laid down. …

Team building is often termed as unproductive and useless by many people but that’s just a wrong perception. On the contrary, every company that has made a name for itself takes team building very seriously.

Team building and NASA

Team building activities constitute an important part of every successful organization. And NASA serves as the ideal example.

Since the earliest days of the space race; starting with engineering and technology teams, and progressing to the manned spaceflight programs, NASA has fully recognized that the success of these future space missions will rely on effective teamwork.

Team building activities adopted by…

With the soaring number of millennials cramming the workplaces, culture has become integral to the companies branding strategies. The new age work force often rationalises their choices based on the fact that they fit in the company’s culture, which makes it all the more important that the companies take the culture development seriously.

How to define corporate culture?

For novices it is often difficult to grasp the concept of corporate culture due to its abstraction. But, on a basic level culture refers to values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours shared by a team. …

In an era of fast technology and marketable resources new companies are constantly flooding the market trying to make it big in the business but things might not be so simple and straight forward. The flaw often lies not in the product or the services but rather in the myopic view of the company runners who fail to correlate team dynamics and optimum output.

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset and it is vital that the business owners work towards building a team of creative minds rather than a lot of individuals who actually work under the same roof…

Every company has a different setup. They might differ in their operating procedures, goals and environment. No matter the differences, companies need a few core qualities from their employees. These basic elements include communication and good productivity output.

Without these elements, your employees won’t have a healthy work environment. You can change this by taking your employees and work teams for an engaging team building workshop where they will be able to positively transform the existing work culture into a more open and welcoming environment.

As a seasoned team building conductor in Singapore and Asia in general, Jambar team building…

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