An Unorthodox Method Of Team Building That Works

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2 min readNov 7, 2018

Every company has a different setup. They might differ in their operating procedures, goals and environment. No matter the differences, companies need a few core qualities from their employees. These basic elements include communication and good productivity output.

Without these elements, your employees won’t have a healthy work environment. You can change this by taking your employees and work teams for an engaging team building workshop where they will be able to positively transform the existing work culture into a more open and welcoming environment.

As a seasoned team building conductor in Singapore and Asia in general, Jambar team building has been able to bridge gaps between employees and management personnel through re-infusing a sense of vitality and engagement.

Our workshops are rather effective and productive. This is because we use a number of activities to appeal to a wide range of people. This enables us to cater for your employees’ different needs, preferences, and learning styles. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Each exercise must be carefully chosen to speak to a certain type of person.

Over the years, our team of highly qualified instructors realised that employees formed better relationships when they are not in their comfort zone. These unorthodox activities bring employees together, which is the main objective of team building retreats and workshops.

Uncomfortable team building challenges help your employees discover their strengths and weaknesses. This is because these activities will require them to work together to overcome them. They will split themselves and assign tasks based on their skills. For example, if the team building activity is in the middle of a forest, you could ask them to find their way back to the camp. Some will be tasked with determining the direction while others will be tasked with gathering foods and supplies to help with any unforeseen trouble. Others will put their survival knowledge to explain what is poisonous and what isn’t. Overcoming hurdles and challenges along the way will help bring them closer which will pour over to the office environment.

These uncomfortable situations will help them realise that they can turn to their colleagues when they come across challenges that are too much for them to handle in the workplace and personal life. By using our team building packages, we’ll help your staff realise that there is more to team building activities than just winning while giving them a better perspective on the dynamics of working within a team.

At Jambar team building we’ve mastered the use of unorthodox or uncomfortable team building activities to mould your employees into a cohesive unit. Visit our website or office for more information on how to achieve this.



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