Building corporate culture with millennials!

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3 min readFeb 11, 2019


With the soaring number of millennials cramming the workplaces, culture has become integral to the companies branding strategies. The new age work force often rationalises their choices based on the fact that they fit in the company’s culture, which makes it all the more important that the companies take the culture development seriously.

How to define corporate culture?

For novices it is often difficult to grasp the concept of corporate culture due to its abstraction. But, on a basic level culture refers to values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours shared by a team. It’s how people work together towards a common goal and how they treat each other to achieve optimum performance levels.

Why is building a company’s culture important?

1) Culture reasserts your brand identity

Having a well defined and growth conducive culture in your company gives your brand a cutting edge over your competitors. Through building a positive culture you are basically putting your brand on public display. Such level of transparency helps forge a lasting bond with your customers and automatically increases profitability.

2) A positive culture guarantees employee loyalty

Working for a company should never feel like a burden. Compulsion and unexceptionally strict codes often don’t go well with the employees. It is important that an office culture should support employee autonomy and make them feel valued and integral in taking the business to greater heights. Once this enthusiasm is cultivated, work becomes passion. And the more loyal the employees become, the better they perform. Gaining the employees trust is the ultimate game changer.

Problems you might have in getting your team involved

Up till now we have come to the conclusion that happy and satisfied employees who are a good cultural fit are indispensable for the company’s success. Plus, due to their increased productivity the company gains optimum profits. But problems might arise if the employees and company are not on the same page when it comes to ideologies and vision. And with that out of place, a company’s culture can very quickly become toxic.

Following are some of the factors that are to be blamed:

1) Employees having a fear of conflict and not voicing their opinions to avoid unfavourable outcomes.

2) Leaders unable to demonstrate real vulnerability which makes it difficult for team members to admit their weaknesses openly.

3) Avoiding constructive criticism and accountability to protect personal relationships from deteriorating.


All the above mentioned problems and other deal breakers like biases and lack of commitment often arise as a result of weak leadership and the lack of proper team engagement.

Well, the solution is quite simple: Good team bonding and cohesiveness.

Jambar Team Building as a company has been helping corporate companies achieve their objectives in delivering corporate values to their teams. We offer a huge variety of uniquely innovative team building and team bonding activities that can help leaders and team members to address their conflicts and resolve the internal work issues that are often left unattended to avoid resentment and bad rapport.

With Jambar team building companies can organize regular team engagement and team bonding activities that not only guarantee good fun at the office but also work wonders in ensuring that the company’s ideologies and vision is in perfect alignment with their team’s approach. All of which in the end translates into great business and sky rocketing success for both the company and the employees



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