What to do when your boss is a bully?

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3 min readApr 5, 2019

So you have worked hard for years and put in a ton of effort to finally land your dream job. Everything seems perfect now. You love your job and the colleagues are great. The office environment is also highly growth conducive. But suddenly came the dreaded nightmare.

Your boss is an absolute bully. He or She is always on the verge of breaking down and blames you for every single mistake. He silences your opinions and no matter what you do you just cannot please him in any way. Your job has practically become an unbearable hell.

Now, if you are loaded and have your finances sorted out, you can simply quit. Relax for a while and look out for another great opportunity waiting for you.

But if you are amongst the majority of people working to keep their jobs and carve a niche for themselves in the corporate world then you’d have to look the other way round.

How to deal with a bully boss and not get fired?

When it comes to bullying bosses, they come in all shapes and sizes. And most of them are in a dire need of therapy sessions. But Alas, they have somehow managed to come this far.

1) Avoid breaking into a fight

The temptation to punch your bullying bosses into the face is hard to control. Moreover, fighting them outright and holding them accountable for their wrongful actions is even more disastrous. This is because the culprit would never come clean. And blaming your bosses for bad behaviour is going to adversely affect your rapport in the office and eliminate your chances of success. So, the best way to deal with a bully boss is to learn to control your anger and cleverly manage the situation.

2) Have a methodical approach towards the problem

The next step is to avoid having an emotional reaction to your situation. Don’t go about advertising your problems to your fellow co-workers. Trust us, nobody can help you out but yourself. Keep quiet and take notes of the incidents. Try to document any instances of bullying which can be used against your boss so that you are well equipped with evidence. But remember to stay objective and don’t go overboard with your enmity.

3) Don’t play victim to your bully

Bullies drive pleasure by making their targets miserable. And if you act victimised from his behaviour then you are fulfilling his purpose. So, empower yourself by excelling at your work and outshining your colleagues despite your issues. Moreover, it is a good practice to bond with your fellows and avoid isolation. Alienating yourself can weaken you and promote negativity. Learn to ignore your boss’s petty issues and don’t get affected. When your boss realises that his tactics’ can no more hurt you, the bullying will eventually stop.

Quick tips for office survival

Don’t make fighting your bully the ultimate goal. Remember that delivering good performance and gaining useful work experience is your number one priority.

· Put in extra time to prove yourself indispensable to the company.

· Make sure that the superiors see your accomplishments.

· Don’t take your petty problems to the HR. They don’t like a problematic employee who is easily offended.

· Avoid your boss’s bullying games by distracting him with pressing work issues.

· Collaborate with the senior members and display excellent manners in the office.

· Lastly, bullies respond to power. Show your boss what you are capable of and that his demeaning remarks are not enough to throw you off track.

Good Luck!



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