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Jul 9, 2019

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How “The Remote Revolution” Is Killing “The Team Work”

“The Remote Revolution” or more precisely the increasing trend of working outside of the office environment, preferably at home or in the outskirts, has completely changed the work industry. It has become mainstream for employees to work remotely. There has been observed a constant rise in the number of employees who work from outside of office. It has been estimated that the amount of remote workers has boosted to a whopping figure of 115% since 2000. In America alone, more than 8 million people (i.e., approximately 5% of USA’s population) have been reported to work from home.

This surge in the trend of home workers, although supported by many people, has its own perks. Socially awkward employees may consider remote working as a blessing, but it has been proven to be a leading cause of feeling of isolation and despondency in workers. Remote workers are socially disconnected to their co-workers, leading to increase in difference of opinions and reduction in the flexibility to openly welcome new ideas and criticism. Decrease in face to face interaction makes such workers less emotionally connected to their workers and to the well-being of the company. Moreover, another study conducted in 2007 clearly suggests that rather than the remote workers having more time to spend with their family, working from home mostly interfered with their family life.

Not only are remote workers affected individually, their performance is also negatively influenced in terms of team bonding and group work. The lack of communication creates confusion and delay in the achievement of target assigned to a group. Misalliance of work priorities of a group assignment leads to delay in the achievement of target on time. This is the primary reason why the Chief Executive of Yahoo, Marissa Meyer in 2013 completely banned working from home, according to her “to become the absolute best place to work, communication and collaboration will be important, so we need to be working side-by-side. That is why it is critical that we are all present in our offices.” Multiple researches have suggested that targets are achieved at an early rate of 32% when employees are working in close proximity, as it boosts the cooperation and alliance among them as a group.

In order to facilitate to a good group dynamic, Jambar Team Building offers the best course of action. Jambar catalogue consists of the best team building activities in Singapore. Their methods of increasing the alliance between remote workers greatly benefit in creating a target focused group willingness to work cooperatively. Jambar has set an example in the world of team building due to their highly productive results. The games and activities offered by them enhance the remote workers ability to engage with each other, this creates a level of trust and emotional bonding among the group members who work from home. Regularly scheduling team building activities can create an enormous change in the association level of team members and make them more efficient as a workforce. Thus, companies looking to enhance their collaboration level among remote workers must give such activities a try, so that they can improve on an individual as well as collective level.

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